Mystery Body of Creatures in Panama

we guaranty to you that you have not look body ever, that will you look now. infect the town of Cerro Azul north of Panama City, some children were playing and that time their attention gone to such a creaturs that were never seen in the earth before. children were afraid first but for their safety they hit it and leave it the the water. after this incident, in all teenager world there were all whispering about this, what really it was.

Photos published on the Internet, where a mysterious creature is shown that the fight to the death, according to sources. A group of teenagers caused huge speculation on the network lately.

Mystery Body of Creatures in Panama

In the city at the north of Cerro Azul in Panama City, teenagers discovered the animals to crawl in a cave, while they were in the game. they feared for the safety of moving them,  but young  were in shock, so for their  safety they  attacked animal with sticks before throwing his lifeless body in a puddle.

Animal hooked claw drew speculation that the animal is laziness, which somehow lost her hair, paint a picture. This topic has also diversified as many said that the image, which is a dead dog, good marketing, advertising, etc.but the actual definition of dead animals are not yet known.


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