MTNL “3G” phone (Micromax H360)

MTNL Micromax 3g h360 PHONE WITH KEY FEATURESThere is not many days behind when launch of 3g service by the biggest cellular provider and one of the biggest government company in India, BSNL (Bharatiya Sanchar Nigam Limited). this services get massive response by its begins and now there will be one more revolution come in this chain. MTNL (Maha Nagar telephone nigam Limited) and partnership with Micromax unveiled 3D enable phone(3rd generation). MTNL and Micromax are both very hope ful about this. this service will 1st available in metros like Delhi and Mumbai.

Price of H360

if believe to the MD of Micromax then generally 3d phone is more expensive compare to normal one as per people’s mind but here is situation totally different and MTNL-Micromax 3g technology available by the only @ 5499 Rs. (Approx. 115 $) . this cost very genuine and any middle class people can buy it.  this service will be minted with MTNL’s “3G Jadoo”.


At uplink speeds to 3.6 Mbps, H360 offers sentient entertainment in all its aspects such as cricket matches, regional news, music, ever since Bollywood films, a movement of live channels in state-run and regional languages and movement in the course of the supply active.  In addition, users can get what's more profit start MTNL tape telephony composition and crew applications darling Facebook and Orkut.

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