Milan Fashion week update

It seems that in 2010 the short summer - at least where the seams will work.
Thursday preview screenings top of warm weather fashion London Fashion Week next year, short dresses, short skirts and shorts at almost all the runway shows.

But take a look then cut Courage is more serious. Bubble sizes and styles, often have RUFFLES in Italy instead of the symbol.

Even Dolce & Gabbana, under their sexy corset style top in chiffon for the cowgirl look PERT and the second line D & G label pages, skirts with a small group from this page is related to leather shoes.

Already mentioned in the winter on the route, returning summer jackets, the number 1980 Power Suite, along with shoulder padding.

Shoes similar to last season, going from the height of the platform, Prada, Armani sandals significant. Perhaps the effort to combat the difficult economic climate, designer Design your portfolio rather than buckle, black and white with pink, yellow, blue and green.

During the next five days, the High Fend, Ferret, Mission, Gucci, Bodega Veneto and Versace, including Italian designer my ideas for the coming years. Armani show, Thursday, and cheap Chic D & G, Mooching Prada included.


Giorgio Armani presented a bright and enthusiastic spring / summer 2010 collection, inherited response to speculation in the house 75 years after his fashion designer in Milan before the last episode of hepatitis.
In general, urban-style Hounds tooth print Armani less fortunate and the couple went to look for summer.

The kick loose - loose, comfortable station wagon with a more organized - the bubble skirt and jacket, cut tops and short skirts or loose pleated blousey featured.

Everything from evening gowns to open the suitcase, or a little less bright-colored dress was covered by shorts. Ideal for deep-V open back was nicely tanned back to show that sometimes alternate with strips of fabric.

Janet Jackson spent a week in Milan next week, by donations of food from the front seat, expression in other exhibitions. Armani Nice tanned, dressed in black, waved his backstage after the concert, the crowd disappears. No. No purchase, sale, designer told reporters after the show, as his illness in the house of speculation about the succession.


Ruby red lips and chiffon worn with models sporting braids in a seaside hotel Belle Époque or in combination with shorts walking through checkpoints - a collection of Prada created in curtain-range stresses deep mood.
"It is very modern, a little distracted, he was very secretive, it shows" such as praise for the designer Marcia Prada backstage after journalists described her collection.

Hand after a concert in one of the most difficult in gray suit and tie he was innocent, tennis star Roger Feeder. Prada prints in this round chairs, umbrellas and bikinis in 1960, fully reproduced in the image chain, miniature beach scene of critical technical textiles. Gaines cocktail designer coat, jacket and high use them to print a small version Roadhouse numerous short films shown below.

Latest Prada shoes and see things in a bag, even through the plastic. After the meeting, uncertain and often turn their model of ultra-high platform shoes new collection Prada Sport adequate heel.
Platforms Designer die until at least next season - he said.
Roadhouse Cheap and Chic If cheap and chic line clearly wants Roadhouse Spring / Summer 2010 women are perceived by the pink Daisy, glasses, spectacles size. Invitation to show in a pair of cardboard, were recorded.
Do not forget to track daisies, sweet and brave disappointing print and fill glasses. Oh, and there were no large summer hat with Daisy petals are on the verge of Overkill, many collections are whimsical touches, is independent of the size of the actual gold necklace features a chain for bananas and pepper with oversized center are different.

Color suggests that while the new-fangled television, go to BE, idealized black and white floral pattern in bold, small-screen classic turn plates with different colored stripes red or blue, orange, yellow, pink and black and white stripes recalls early TV.

Scale gentle jab at the end of Daisy pleated skirt and black patients, thin, yellow-white striped bikini Mary Gilligan on the island an ideal N in order to determine TO-shirt was bound waist. Bolder on board, there was no black and the word "peace" or liberal pink blouse, long Action other hand, were worn with oversized bow, black trousers and a TO-shirt adorned with shorts, sleeveless bubble. All the wallets, clutch bags are long dead may be connected


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