Mercedes-Benz presented the new car

The world's leading luxury car company to car by Mercedes Benz India's new ninth-generation E-Class car, which submitted Delhi Click here to see more news from this city is in the X-showroom price of Rs 46.98 lakh.

Company managing director and chief executive officer, the car Wilfred Alb reporters here after presenting the company's discussions said that the new car and the company will total six per cent more mileage from 40 to 45 per cent share of its business is likely to be .

He said that E-class cars are made in India and so far this class has already sold 10 thousand cars. He said that the company is expanding its business in India and 10 cities around the country next one and half years the company made its presence felt Krieg.

The company plans to introduce a new hybrid car in India, he dismissed that such a plan is not immediate but may be considered in the future.


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