lunar mission of finds water on moon

Scientists announced on Thursday that India's first lunar mission Chandrayaan 1 on the surface of the moon discovered evidence of the presence of water are removed. Chandrayaan 1 with NASA sent Tools 'Moon Map (M 3)' the reflected light ( ) detected on the surface of the soil thin layer of hydrogen and oxygen into the material relationship between the chemical signals is.

Chandrayaan 1 by analyzing the details collected by M 3 has confirmed the existence of water on the moon. The ongoing discovery four decades has put a pause in Kasson water on the moon or not. Scientists had earlier claimed that the existence of water on the moon was about 40 years ago.

The memory as claimed by the Apollo astronauts were brought to earth after a study of samples of lunar rocks, but they had their doubts about the search for traces of the boxes lunar rocks brought them was leaking. Therefore atmospheric air samples that were contaminated by coming into contact.
Scientists believe that as a result of nuclear fission in the presence of oxygen on the moon rocks and soil in the form of Protons with hydrogen was emitted by the Sun end: to make water activity.

A team of scientists from M 3 Larry Taylor of the University of Tennessee, said that as soon as they are these protons collide with the moon makes oxygen from soil elements. With oxygen and hydrogen are independent one where there are more opportunities to explore this matter that there will be water.
M to identify the elements of water 3 tool that analyzed the Moon's surface where sunlight is reflected how the scientists found water elements such as chemical relationships. While this tool can only see the lunar surface is very surface layers a few centimeters below the surface .. probably can see.
Scientists studying the light reflected in various minerals and various used to determine these differences that exist in the upper soil layer is thin.

Taylor and other members of the M 3 team believes that their discovery is particularly important because the human desire to go to the moon remains constant. M 3 were prepared by mission planners to map the moon with lunar soil to extract water status can provide important targets. The discovery this week's online edition of Science Express, the journal will be published.
.1 Milestone for Chandrayaan: India's Chandrayaan 1 mission to the Moon by the landmark discovery of evidence of water describes the ISRO Chairman GO Madhavan Nair said on Thursday any lunar mission yet no positive findings could get.

He said, "is confirmed to yield evidence of water. As a matter of Chandrayaan 1 mission, it has proved a milestone. Any campaign yet positively could not prove the presence of water was. "

In this regard, a key tool to NASA data which was India's first lunar mission Moon Map was deployed. In addition, hyper spectral Chandrayaan and Indian Space Research Organization Timer probe also was accused of Inspect Moon.

He said that data analysis of the U.S. and India's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Physical Research Laboratory and the Space Application Center scientists did.
Nair said ISRO formal announcement in this regard and detailed analysis will continue tomorrow. Earlier discovery of Chandrayaan will be disclosed in a scientific journal and NASA scientists will announce in this regard.

Chandrayaan 1 was launched in October last year and two years to study it, but suddenly had to close the operation last month. But the fact remains that our campaign Nair its 95 per cent have achieved the objectives.


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