Korea and China brushes for title

Korea and China here Thursday between the champion last 23 th Asian Basketball Women's championship title match will be played Faibia.
Korean women have played here on Wednesday before playing like champions in the semifinal against Japan in the one-sided defeat of 101-57 gave the other semifinal 70-59 win over China in the Chinese Taipei had to struggle a bit to enter .

Korea's team dominated from the start in the first quarter 25-8 lead and made it fully into the basic Japanese Defense - eating in the third quarter three points several times in arbitrary manner to manage the score 78-40 given.
From Korea by Kim Ryong Kve 19, 14, Yun Jung Kim, 12, and Bion ha Yion ten points Suk Yun Kang manage your own team played a key role in the victory. Korea in the championship has reached 22 volumes Podium every time, while the 12 times he has won the title.

Meanwhile, in the second semifinal of China Chinese women stopped at Taipei 14-14 in the third quarter, but in the first quarter 30-13 and lead 16-8 in the second quarter to China was successful in winning a crucial match.

Live from China Chen Li and Liu Dan made the most 12-12 points, while the Chinese were from Taipei 11, and Chi-Wen Cheng Yun Liyu collected ten points.
For third place between Japan and Chinese Taipei will compete on Thursday. The winning team in Korea and China next year with the Czech Republic qualified for the World Championship will make.

Malaysia, India to host matches in Pelf Level 90-74 beating - has retained its place in the forest, while the 83-58 victory over Lebanon by the Thailand level - has regained its place in the forest. Lebanon's team marks the fifth in the table, the sixth India, Thailand and Malaysia team of seventh eighth position.


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