ISRO(India) all set to launch 7 satellite

Today on 23rd September 2009, this day is very special and very proudly moment for India and all Indians because ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization/भारतीय अंतरिक्ष अनुसंधान संस्था) will launch seven satellite in to the space from sriharikota.ISRO will put six nano(mini) satellites and one major ocean satellite into orbit in to space.count down of the launching was start on Monday 21st September 2009.

ISRO launch satellites in to the space

Out of that six nano(mini) satellites,four are from Germany, one is from Switzerland and one from Turkey. The seventh Satellite is a big one, India's Oceansat-2 weighing 960 will take just 1200 seconds after launching to ejection of Satellite.Oceansat-2 will be ejected after 1055 seconds after launch.this process is very similar to process of 24th April 2009,on that day ISRO was launch many Satellite in to the Space in which one big satellite, Cartosat-2A and nine other nano(mini) satellites.once the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) takes off from it’s platform and reaches a certain height and velocity, it will first launch the Oceansat-2 satellite and few seconds later, the first of four nano(mini) satellites will be launched. These satellites will be launched every 10 to12 seconds one after the other.

ISRO and Indian’s scientist says “There is no room for error & mistake”.

This moment is very proudly for Indian as well as India because this is one more step up of India in to the Space.whatever country think India is very poor and very guilty country this is the slab from India to their face.

“India is Great and it is on way of progress and strangeness”


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