ICE may be massive on moon : NASA

NASA scientists found in most cameras is still at peace with the planet in March in five inhabitants of the planet's test photos lobed March frozen water in the crater of unexpectedly large numbers, where the recent accidents meteoric ice in the soil increased sharply with the thin atmosphere of the planet disappeared.

The day after three other new research teams, as well as fossil bones of the moon came to a dry surface water molecules have been accepted test reports.
Scientists Tue, University of Arizona, is a report of the Lunar and Planetary Science Lab that their cameras by the planet's high-resolution images based on the reference board Reconnaissance Vehicle interesting planet in March, with black spots years ago when I figured out that the observed craters by meteorite the impact of new small businesses created.

In September 2008, a month later, new pictures of craters, it was found that the board appears to be the sun shining blue looking as full of content.
A few days later, the same blue stuff on a spacecraft in orbit spectrum showed that he was trained group and other researchers what they think: 99 percent of ice water right to destroy deep underground, to clean the hole it.

Showed a little more than six months after the snow pit more photos, Gaia is a brown earth where the water was frozen. What will all researchers: the ice was sublimated thin, cold atmosphere of invisible water vapor changes in March, the inhabitants of our planet, they believed.

Other recent signs of ice around the crater is also a report in the journal Science published Friday, television band leader Shane Byrne.

About half the planet's north pole and the equator, between the craters and purity of the ice team ice stunned Arizona, said Shane. He hopes that if the ice is in the middle of the hot planet March - meters wide between the crystal grains of sand formed.

Last year, the Phoenix lender will cliffhanger after landing near the north pole cap of March, one or two inches of sand, snow, scratched or dirty surface of the lake, are visible.

Now it is possible that a thick layer of snow in March, all surfaces - from Poles working for the equator, believing scientists. Tue to the topic by NASA for a long time "to explore the water, and everything is a rover of March and the probe and the demand for minerals that are in the presence of water on the surface of such evidence

Peter Smith, head of the Phoenix, a resident of fresh water on earth in March was pleased with the news. He said: "It's really a great discovery. Any water, it looks like March, when we thought that might be habitable," he said.
He recalled that in 1976 worldwide ship in March the first two Viking missions of the country was sandy soil for signs of abrasion of life and analyzed in the attempt failed. "If the Vikings continue to dig a bit, he said," you have a lot of snow. "


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