H1N1 vaccine for Aids should by the October

The first new vaccine against the H1N1 virus in a week, should be available before October, and most Americans, single dose, the federal health authorities said Thursday requires.

The officers have also been changes in the strategy to combat swine flu of the fight against serious disease or high-risk populations, including antiviral drugs, including the famous Limited provided.
Small children need only two shots in 10 said U.S. Health and Human Services, Dr. Kathleen Sibelius.

Is Sibelius for all "very effective diet and resistance to die soon" with journalists during a conference call said. In the summer before officials of the virus was also assumed, as the human needs of the shot, then three weeks later, very little resistance against each other. Just two weeks after the second shot will be fully protected.

Now, instead of comprehensive care for approximately five weeks of waiting, each of which needs a shot of 10 or vaccine H1N1 virus in eight to 10 days will be fought with vigor.

In addition, the federal government will be from October to mid-October, a total of 250 million doses of 40 million doses of vaccine in the first full week will receive approximately 6 to 7 million doses. America for use in developing countries, World Health Organization gives 10% of the dose is determined.
, Sibelius' We have enough vaccine for every American who wants to be released, said the vaccine. " Nobody has been removed. "

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Anne Schacht action plan for the new virus H1N1 Government has made some changes. For example, it is recommended to use drugs such as Tami flu has been corrected.

"We start with the resistance to the virus do," said Schacht, CDC, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Director. Use of medication for people, if we aggregate harm than help too late. "

But people do not Schacht, there are eight or nine, a case in which the H1N1 strain is resistant to anti-viral French Presidency. Scientists and public health officials the possibility of resistant strains of the virus through mass population.

Anti-Virus for two reasons: serious illness or influenza is recommended as many people as symptoms in pregnant women and risks, including people with serious diseases fundamental.

There are also rumors that the government's efforts against the H1N1 Sibelius to fight for the required length. He said, vaccination, voluntary, not mandatory. He also said that some people are worried about the cost of H1N1 vaccine, the federal government offered free distribution of vaccines and firmly in the clutches of state, without vaccination, promoted.


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