Google Wave: way of Wave ?

Google Preview the hippie-100000 expert - as well as stilt communications platform today - Wave .Transfer to prepare the pool of Mountain View has rapidly expanded its investigation at that time, many users of the Wave. Not for a while, but not disclosed by Google, whether the forum will be pumped from the mainstream.

Google Wave Invite

Instead, it is simply the fact that the campaign is not ready for prime time, many "repeats. I'm the owner of the company's new web forum for the age / O love the author in May this year. Sharing documents with instant messaging and e-mail crossed the waves, and near real-time interaction reflects a special talent.

On the platform of the torrent, Google already has the frequency of the fundamental open source protocol, and a large pile of their clients and the server code has announced its intention.

Google Wave Demo

Demo presentation of Google Wave

Google since the beginning of the project, said yesterday in a blog, which still belongs to the ironing wrinkles stop before the wave is available to everyone.
Engineering Director, Google Group Product Manager, said Lars Rasmussen, Stephanie Hannon developers in recent months was the scalability, stability, working conditions on the speed and ease of use.

You 'In any case, you can still experience some down time, any accident, and now a little slower, and the user interface is part of the system, said all eccentric. "


Meanwhile, the shaft is the draft mode, the configuration of user permissions and groups, as defined lacks several important functions. Integral to all the wonderful things the platform, dressed in orange and singing with drums and cymbals in May too much has not yet been established.


hat all functions Technologies Rasmussen and expected next month to join the wave, but always with a specific plan and could not continue. Regardless, Google Developer Technology boom that is likely to be in the form of the Apple Apps store thinking of ways to make money was written for the blog.
To promote the "After building a strong ecosystem of developers is planning to push monetisable looking to save," he said.


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