Google Outage: Question about online services ?

In two recent turbulence in the Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Gmail and Google News site disturbance and other services on-line troubleshooting S. newborns or monument or other services for the computer industry in the clouds may be booming development of services based on cloud providers say see.

Gmail Web-based e-mail - Thursday dropped nearly two hours in length, their e-mail accounts, preventing users to access the contact list and work.
Gmail for one hour, then stop the loss of 1st September.

Google News website Tuesday before the crash when you try to access the site for a few hours only "503 Declaration" can be found on server error.
Google's current problems, including on-line service disruptions during the hours in early August, not Microsoft's Hotmail service PayPal break in March issues in the operation of service features (NSDQ: YHOO) and Hewlett Yahoo this year, (NYSE: HPQ) , Up line face, online games and the  recent disturbances - Packard War hammer Online does not play well.
IT industry is growing rapidly this time of the adoption of online services, including the clouds on some help customers control costs and to reach customers and employees will benefit from a change in direction D to improve the capacity of data storage and security, and stop other services and applications from the traditional office .

Although Google and Amazon, and many smaller companies that already offer a wide range of online services, online storage, share photos and videos, social networks, including consumer redress and access to e-mail infrastructure from other companies through the study of Internet services based platforms to build on this, as companies such as Google and Amazon.

Meanwhile, the company may like VMware, Citrix (NSDQ: CTXS) and Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) platforms with the online services business are all devices that are allowed for SMEs and employees access to applications, the behavior of all ages everywhere.

Online services continue to take will depend on many services in order to ensure the integrity, always in an environment where the work or play.
Errors in these services, but also consumers and trade below its potential, retaining data on the internet or at risk of Internet applications has slowed its approval by the sight.

In return, they stop very well, both consumer and business online services.
Or precipitate a solid online service consumer and business use, which means that the online service today, and the glasses and the Amazons of the world, managed by a small, coming from new platforms, from online services such as VMware's ability to prove the May competition, Microsoft and Citrix.


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