Gmail outage is now fully resolved

Said the Google Apps dashboard at 7:29 PT, "we have the problem of Gmail users to a small extent, are not known. The impact on users are not able to Gmail, but we have a workaround below." Repair access to your Gmail account via IMAP or POP-cons on the Internet. PT to 8:29, report of Google's solution for most users.  contact as a workaround.

Indicates that the update was 9:35 PT solution for the user a constant concern for many members live in small groups.

United to clock 9.58 PT "Gmail with the solution. If we apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and support."
Twitter Tweets influx of members was not striking. You have discovered Twitter as Alexander Lucas, apply each time the Google Cloud Computing is often surface down, saying: "Now, do not speak Gmail [Software as a Service] is a great feeling."

Twitter is for other users of Gmail is not very happy.
Tuesday morning break comes only three weeks to several months in 100 minutes before the disaster to Gmail. Blog apology, and later to Gmail, reliability, Vice President of Engineering and a jar of the "Ben Trey nor omissions" Great, and said: "We have all the attention paid to ensuring that such an event again. happening? "

Google weeks ago, before the failure. On Tuesday, Google News, Google News, searching for about two hours for a number does not exist. Despite such opportunities, use Google services are important for companies that are not plausible, Forrester analyst Sheri McLeish noted that the availability of Gmail exactly the same, or another house in the installation of Microsoft Exchange. Prime Minister promises to Google's 99.9% availability of somewhere between act to nine years work stoppages.

Google received via a-mail links Google is a problem with depression and humiliation, many Gmail users experience at the game, because the service today. 8 throughout the Pacific again at full speed issue has been resolved, and contacts to influence the progress soon, we apologize for any inconvenience. than usual. My level dashboard applications, where we gave the problem of updates on the situation in the report of the event.


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