'Marriage can save cancer'

According to a new research to combat cancer in married people are more likely when such people can be difficult to avoid cancer is in a position whose marriage broke up. Indiana University between 1973 and 2004 America's 38 million cancer patients have concluded this after studying the data.
Researchers found that married cancer patients survive five years after the disease to 63 percent is expected. But compared to five years that married people fight cancer are 45 percent who expected to get married is on the verge of collapse.

Cancer research report published in the journal Science that the perhaps future marriage broke up due to stress of patients with cancer fighting capability decreases.

Earlier studies have also about marriage and health. Many of these studies found that with love and is necessary for fighting disease.
Research: Researchers studied during their married, unmarried, widow - widower, divorced and married about breaking the status of cancer patients studied and tried to find out how many of these cancer after five to 10 years are able to survive.

They found that married and unmarried patients are most likely to fight cancer. His later divorced and widowed - is followed by widowers patients.
The main scientific research, the study doctor, said it Given Sperm shows that cancer patients should be noted that most people whose marriage is falling apart.

He said, "because during the treatment relationship and the first doctor to identify stress-be able to intervene so that patients can be better chance of survival." But he said more studies are required to be in this direction.
Cancer Research UK's chief information officer of the company has also said that the research findings and final conclusions should not be considered breaking the marriage status of the patients ability to fight cancer and more may be less.


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