Bing visual Search revolution

In the era when computer is just on it’s beginning mode , there were no any type of mouse or any type of external device accept Key Board. then gradually there where including mouse, pen drive etc. after 1996-97 there was time of search engine. at that time only one search engine in the world about which every one talked about named Google. by search engine people don’t need to remind any type of long or complementary URL, just search quarry you want and get output. after that many search engine came to fight it like from Yahoo, Yahoo search, from Microsoft Live Search (now Bing). Bing is recently launch by Microsoft for give strong fight to Google.

in Bing, afterwards from Bing is been officially release there was some thing new come after week or couple of week . now recently Bing release it’s awesome new feature, Bing Visual search. by that you don’t need to enter any time of query in the search box, just roll over mouse you want and get the output. Bing Visual search option  from above picture you can get  idea briefly about this features. if you wanna search about Indian Yoga then just go to category and then after sub category.

Note: for use this service you must have been Install Microsoft Silver light plugins. if you have not then this is the real time for download it >>>


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