All websites will audible(talk) soon

World Wide Web - www- All websites will audible(talk) soon Just remember yesterday that was the 40th Birthday of the Internet and we are now on 2nd-3rd generation of Internet world. when it was starting at California University between two computers, not any single person could though about today’s world. gradually many chapters added in this world wide web like hacking, virus, pornography, black mailing etc. but one thing is for sure that there are not much disadvantageous as it’s advantage. 

one more chapter will added soon in this history book. soon all website over the world wide will be we can listen, means completely audible. we have to just select the text and all thing go automatically. but if any websites owner who don’t care about it will run at the straight road. this project is given to the BarrierBreak Technologies which company will take 10 to 15 % cost of it’s ordinary. however for using this service websites must have content with some basic guidelines of the web world.


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