Ahmadinejad about new nuclear power plant

Iranian President Moohammad Ahmadinejad, the new uranium enrichment plant closed rejected Western criticism, and said that they expect the forthcoming talks on the nuclear crisis was calm.

Taken one hour press conference in New York on Friday, Ahmadinejad said the relatively moderate, according to the U.S. President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the UN nuclear watchdog that Tehran enriches each plant was allowed. Interpretation of uranium enrichment.

Ahmadinejad, the UN General Assembly adopted this week that Tehran would not disclose "completely legal", adding: "We are extremely Agency (International Atomic Energy Agency) 18 months."
"The justified or not?" He asked. "I thought that we hope will encourage it to take action."

Ahmadinejad said that Tehran had no problem with the IAEA, the new enrichment plant is controlled.

He said Tehran hopes that Iran and the six powers agreed on Thursday in Geneva to negotiate "all charges in the latest response to Western restraint."
UN Secretary General Ban's - from Ahmadinejad and other equipment to enrich uranium moon Friday night, and of his "deep concern reached" expresses.

Sanctions on Iran to fully implement relevant Security Council resolutions and cooperate fully with the IAEA to resolve "all issues concerning its nuclear program."

Whether the statement of UN sanctions chief spokesman stressed that the burden of proof is on Iran, "it said. Impasse nuclear chronology.
Ban Ki-moon expressed "his remains were in Iran to the alarming situation of human rights" and "Ahmadinejad" reiterated his opposition to the destruction refused repeated.

United States and European powers claim that Iran has brought a wave of indignation on Friday, before trying such a plant at Natanz, said the hunt for the international community.

After his announcement, said that Russia and China, the concern that has knowledge of the information, and Tehran urged the International Atomic Energy Agency in cooperation words have been no investigation.

Refusal to enrich uranium surprising revelation of the three sets of UN sanctions against a country that seemed to shut down the suspension of sanctions against the new movement can fuel.

Ahmadinejad rejected U.S. pressure. He said that Obama is not a nuclear expert said. "We let the IAEA to their duties."

"What three countries (Friday) was very strong reactions, which have been ordered, but restraint, rapid response, because I really hope that they are fundamental changes, and we must ensure that these changes should be avoided, solved," said work.

Suggest the United States, Israel and other critics that Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons secretly, but Iran says the nuclear fuel only for civilian energy needs. The country's first nuclear power plant Russia is building.
Ahmadinejad was more conciliatory towards Obama, Hope managed to retain some changes, "and that the fact that" the tired false information "about Iran, sorry.

While the leaders of France and Great Britain on behalf of the contempt was leaked.  Nicolas Sarkozy and Gordon Brown are not very important to us. But Obama said that the United Nations (World leaders must work together, care about their colleagues and do not create problems unnecessarily hope.


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