Actor Randy Quaid free on bail

Actor Randy Quaid has a vehicle from the small West Texas jail on bail after the money from the bank, he and his wife was allegedly $ 10,000 hotel bill in California was arrested for jumping, the principal, depending on the train.
Quaid and his wife, the Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez, online proof every Thursday evening for $ 20,000, after a few hours in jail in Marfa, told the Associated Press.

Actor Randy Quaid free on bail

Dominguez said that the actor has in the bank and deposit money disappeared. During the visit, remained in custody arrangements are not bound. Prada said that the actor learn any special treatment.

, Dominguez, "I'll help, as everyone says." This is a small town. "
Criminal liability for theft, conspiracy and fraud, a restaurateur, a Santa Barbara, California, exempt from certain officials in early September, following a complaint that the maximum $ 10,000 bill at a local hotel, the Department of Santa Barbara County Sheriff's received the order for payment is accepted.

The mandate of the detectives from the sheriff, district attorney apparently was a case reported. Santa Barbara County Sheriff spokesman on Thursday that detectives sugar profits with actors, not that this division is not free, more details soon.

Randy Quaid is an agent, left a message for Steven Racier, was not immediately returned. Had the afternoon of Thursday, Quaid in Marfa, preserve, where he stayed at the hotel, a few looked arrested, "said Dominguez. Evidence Quad "a little rebellion, it is not enough," said Sheriff. "Calm down quickly."

Ideally, a Golden Globe and his interpretation of President Lyndon B. Johnson was nominated for an Emmy LBJ: The Early Years ", but it is probably the best" National Lampoon Vacation movies are famous for their roles, "Independence Day", "Gangster. He played hard-nosed sheep breeder "Brokeback Mountain" in 2006, produces film discussed when he said, the film is not cheap labor - a national fund for 82 million U.S. dollars - not had the opportunity to make money.

Native Texan, he is the older brother of actor Dennis Quaid. , The remote West Texas town of Marfa, no stranger attention of Hollywood. There are over 50 years, director George Stevens' epic Texas oil Giant, Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean have played settled in the area. Stevens ( "Giant to win the Oscar best director in 1957 received only 10 nominations for the film).
In recent times, "no blood" and "No Country for Old Men" of 2100 destroyed the town in 1883, he founded the trap was filmed.


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