8.7 kilogram baby by the Indonesian mother

Mega Babies: a little child next to him looking concerned. A woman in Indonesia, 19-pound baby was born epidemic

Jakarta Indonesia, a woman gave birth to a child weighing from 8.7 News said on Thursday.

Children from the province of North Sumatra on Monday, well, the boy was born by caesarean Errant, neonatal medical news service Derik.com been said.

8.7-kilogram baby by the Indonesian mother

Local media reported that a newly born child was difficult to record in this country. The previous record was 6.9 kilograms.

"Children with intravenous or fan, but his heart is normal that the need for" doctors do not

Just a name, like many Indonesian goes, was quoted as saying.
        Mother, who weighs kg in good condition after the birth of 110, "he said.
        Another doctor said the child was Binary Sitanggang big appetite.
        "Almost every minute, called defects of Food, said:" He was. "She was crying very hard, like other children.

Doctors said the child because the mother has diabetes, a strong won the high growth of blood sugar levels.


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