$ 75 billion spent on U.S. intelligence agencies

A top U.S. intelligence official has revealed that 75 billion U.S. dollars annually is spent on collecting intelligence information.

National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair, U.S. intelligence agency of the year 2009 presented the National Intelligence Strategy. He said that U.S. intelligence activities to run its worldwide annually spends 75 billion dollars.
The amount of the annual U.S. defense budget is about ten percent. National Intelligence Strategy under the National Intelligence Program details have been detailed. The government's 16 intelligence agencies and their military allies include units.

It is the first time the U.S. government in running its intelligence activities has revealed pricing coming. It also includes the cost of military programs. U.S. government under pressure from MPs and human rights groups, intelligence activities coming on running costs and has taken several steps to make transparent.

The costs were kept secret before the year 2007. George W. Bush administration in 2008 only 16 intelligence agencies had revealed that nearly cost was $ 47.5 billion. The military intelligence programs were not included.


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