Wanted (Hindi movie-2009) review

One ... Two ... Three ... theaters are dark in the Collection of Sallu Pictures of Salman Khan's show begins. Salman's entry is a scene of action. Absolutely 'wall' style of Amitabh Bachchan and Salman are shutter Gyrate put a lock on the goons. After the twenty - five men are washing Slue compelling way.

  scene immediately after action song. Salman's statue in front of Ganesha 'Law' Timken put songs on. Action and song director showed what kind of person that Ride. Carrots to the people - like radishes and cuts in front of God's bow.

Ride (Salman Khan) is a shooter. Nana and her Cache of his Rambo's uncle says Brusly. "You are educated in the school tuition her headmaster takes from me like" down - he speaks Doyle beaten.

He can do anything for money. But wait ... It has some principles. Women and children, but he never raises his hand. Who does what work is like. Alcohol and blood, and he also suppressed the urge to drink then. He considers the death Gate stuff. Then once made Commitment not hear her.

Action is also required between the romance. Girls on the style of a man who dies because 'weapon' he plays very well. "You're thugs, but are good at heart" as the killer on Jahnvi (Ayesha Takia) is floored, but seeing as he cruel to Ride simmering arises.

Salman Khan-Ayesha

Fat - Fresh Jahnvi two people and is floored. Of middle-aged landlord (Manoj Pahwa), the middle - between the audience laughs and Inspector Toped (Mahesh Manjrekar), whose antics on the audience angry.

Ghani brother (Prakash Raj) works for Ride and his enemies base feels. Murder is the brother of Ghani special man and fond of watching girls wrestling Ghani brother come out India from abroad. There seems to be coming a little secret, which is their hostility and Ride. Twist in the tale comes and blood - is the purpose of Ride Crabbe behind, all the shows.

Tamil film 'Poker' based on 'Wonted' story is thin as thread. There is no novelty. Is going to happen next is that everybody knows. Just before the story moves forward Claimers either. Still remain interested in the film because the director Prabhudeva very best way is Assembling scenes. Action, comedy and romance in the mix is completely equal.

Salman Khan as well as the best way is presented. Salman as a lot of fans like to see them do this. Salman is the image of the character completely matches Ride. Arrogant, a little spoiled, but a heart diamond, Baku, Baby Life Larry C personality, their own living habits, style, to respect women. That are not acting like Salman.

Entire film is dominated by Salman. Script to show the Slue deficiencies have also been ignored. Because of Salman takes viewers digest those mistakes. Salman and can run on hundreds of pills does not scratch. 'Wonted' do not care about these things while watching audience as their heroes can not touch fire.

Action major attraction of this film. Many action / stunts have become the best, including scenes with Salman's entry, Ayesha in the train scene and the film to begin with goons beating Caymans is remarkable.


Music should be about the 'Law' and 'Love Me' is excellent. Every song has been filmed in beautiful locations on the grand manner. Technically the film is strong.

With the best way Takia Ayesha Salman played. Prakash Raj as brother of Ghani has left its mark. Police extensively he is staying. Mahesh Manjrekar see is created and that hatred is their success. Vinod Khanna finds drop effect. If you like action movie and are a fan of Salman Khan 'Wonted' is for you with pungent spices.


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