Urvashi Dhanorkar/TV actress arrested/physical 10 year old child abusing

Urvashi Dhanorkar TV actress arrested wallpaper photoThe news recently get it’s floor that Mumbai TV actress name Urvashi Dhanorkar is caught by the cop of Maharashtra for the charge of child abusing. police said she was abuse the 10 year old maid. after this incedent state goverment,Maharashtra labour minister Navab Malik  is awaking and ensure the people that step will be taken who will be criminal decided by the court. she is arrested under the column Juvenile Justice Act and the Child Labour Act.

this is not fake, all medical check up have been done and medical  report says there is physical child abusing with the 10 yers old maid. the child was encourage by the Urvashi Dhanorkar with the reason of adoption and education. but after that she was left with punch in her left eye, besides burns on her forearms.

by seeing all this incident Urvashi’s neighbor were some doubt and decided for recue. last night their plan was success and Urvashi caught with evidence. at that time child’s eye were almost close due to several injuries. Urvashi Dhanorkar will be presented infront of the judiciary  today. 


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