Swine flu vaccine/symptoms/H1N1 virus/tamiflu medicine for swine flue

swine flu in india Swine flu is a death toll in India and it is now in very danger in India because 22 peoples dead with swine flu.this case is not first of the swine flu but swine flu was first time proposed in 1918.India’s Pune lost 12 people according to swine flu.but now swine flu vaccine and medicine available in India so don’t afraid to swine flu.according to CDC and WHO(World Health Organization) Tamiflu(Oseltamivir) and Ralenza(Zanamivir) can treat the H1N1 swine flu strain.swine flu virus is never before super flu virus but whenever 3 known virus such as a swine flu strain, bird flu strain and human flu virus combine with each other than makes H1N1 swine flu virus which is not danger if we take some protect against it such as a wear 3 layer mask on nose, wash the hands after come home, not involve at place where big crowd attended.

Tamiflu medicine:

Tamiflu is also known as a Oseltamivir.Tamiflu is a antiviral drug that slows the spread of the strain of the Influenza virus between cells and body.like Ralenza,Tamiflu is useful in the treatment of the Influenza virus A and Influenza virus B infection.Tamiflu is a neuraminidase inhibitor.it is very used in to treatment of the swine flu.Oseltamivir is generally available by prescription only.oseltamivir(GS4071) is a prodrug which is hydrolyzed hepatically to the active metabolite.It was developed by US-based Gilead Sciences and now currently it is marketed by Hoffmann–La Roche (Roche) under the trade name Tamiflu. it is marketed by Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. in Japan which is more than 50% owned by Roche.Roche is the company which marketed the tamiflu estimate that 50 million peoples have been treated by tamiflu. In Japan 35 million people have been treated.but now many companies make and marketed the tamiflu. tamiflu is very useful in swine flu treatment and Indian Government import the 1 crore tablet of the Tamiflu and supply to the different-different cities where swine flu is occur.

Tamiflu Identifiers

CAS number 196618-13-0
ATC code J05AH02
Pub Chem 65028
Drug Bank DB00198

Tamiflu’s Chemical Data

Formula C16H28N2O4
Mol. mass 312.4 g/mol

Tamiflu’s Pharmacokinetic data

Bioavailability 75%
Metabolism Hepatic, to GS4071
Half life 6–10 hours
Excretion Renal (GS4071)

Tamiflu’s Therapeutic considerations

Pregnancy cat. B1 (Australia), C (U.S.)
Legal status Prescription Only (S4)(AU) POM(UK)
Routes oral


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