Shah rukh khan(SRK detained) inquired at Newark airport

shah rukh khan Today on 15th August,India celebrates it’s 63rd independence day but Shah rukh khan involved in big trouble because today shah rukh khan inquired by newark police at Newark Airport.SRK reach newark for attempt any function but his name create mistake newark police detained shah rukh khan for 2 hours and set inquiry for his name because newark police find the other person whose name is more equal to Shah Rukh Khan.SRK told police that I'm actor in India but newark police not realize and he set inquiry for 2 hours in one closed room at newark Airport.some policeman of the newark known the Shah rukh khan but their voice is not enough to release the SRK.SRK bargaining against police for call his friend and minister Rajiv Shukla who is in newark for few days but newark police not give the permission to SRK for call the other person.then after he send the message to Rajiv Shukla for this troubleness problem.after few minute Rajiv Shukla reach at newark Airport and give the proof of the SRK and then after newark police release the SRK.for this problem SRK is very angry on police and he says this controversy occurs because my name is khan.India’s foreign group and minister says we are still on with shah rukh khan and SRK is now at place where he does. 


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