Samsung’s new SCH-W8300 Flip Phone

Samsung is the one of the most powerful  company in electronic especially in phone market. it is always come with some new product with fresh features. many of features Samsung gives to world first time in Television set or in refrigerator.  this time Samsung introduce  a brand new flip handset christened SCH-W8300. clamshell phone are as trademark and style statement for the Samsung company.  Samsung’s new SCH-W8300 Flip Phone white color

Features of SCH W 8300

Red Ferret, the phone has a collection of SCH-W830 by SK Telecom and SPH-W8350 LG Telecom. brilliant and elegant orbit on an open-air confirm is greatly profit for lovers of the good taste of the phone. open in pink, navy and pale colors the phone has an domestic 2.6-inch 262K LCD, 13.4mm and poverty-resolution 240 x 320, the phone is equipped by a button, you undo the phone immediately.

SCH-W8300, which is flush with the 2 MP camera, media player, Bluetooth, micro SD nostalgia certificate slot, HSDPA amazing GSM/3G OS functions of assistance, and quite a few a deck of cards in a misery tube. In addition, the exercise offers a back up the boards of 390 hours and 5 hours talk nineteen to the dozen time. In added features, such as games, film / harmony and gesture subsequently the test, the flip phone is of 400 dollars. In addition, the robot by the set of contacts mover deployments in South Korea.


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