Nokia 5230 : Xpress and spread music

when we are talking about any phone, we come to across  name Nokia, a giant in mobile manufacturer. and if we think about music via handset then same thing about Nokia Xpress music series phone.we are now in the era of the music and camera phone and Nokia satisfy all their consumer requirement. here  we’ll talk about Nokia 5230 Xpress music phone. it looks like cool and slider phone.  Built and over the interior antenna, weighs of Nokia 5230 is 104 grams. once upon a time browsing for films is one of the carefully selected pastimes, it follows that browse the gap on Nokia 5230 Xpress Music. This make a call offers the utmost and the 262K affect LCD partition is 128 x 160 pixels.

Nokia- 5230-available in Pink, yellow and sky blue colours


  • Nokia 5230-XpressMusicaudio jack of 3.5 mm
  • 2-inch screen sports a good resolution of 240 x 320 pixels
  • USB port
  • Fast and easy music downloads
  • Home screen Contacts Bar and Media Bar
  • 3.2″ screen
  • Option of using as a 2-way radio
  • Bluetooth
  • 2.0 megapixel camera
  • Symbian 60 Operating System
  • MMS, SMS text messaging

Features  you can miss in Nokia 5230

  • data and fax capabilities
  • Java Applications
  • Smartphone
  • ringer profiles
  • Wi-Fi

Price List:

149 €, 217 US $  and 10,400 INR(Indian National Rupee)

This call up makes it at ease to control the measurements up and down. If the harmony on the pungent quality or a not a lot additional watered suppress to look after your ears, your telephone call allows you to fine-tune the dimensions controller allowed.

Nokia 5230 has so a lot to all and sundry who has a speculate in their bid. It has a digital camera, all movies you aim at the same time as you intend to assemble them. reach is an FM telephone system and can theatrical production tune in a variety of formats such as  AAC, AAC +, MP3,Enhanced AAC +, and SP-MIDI. in attendance is a microSD slot to agree to the windowpane obligatory for MP3.

not there this, messaging is on hand along with this buzzing is with the intention of the web browsing. If you akin to the sign of walkie-talkies of old, you can use the Nokia 5230 XpressMusic ability with the purpose of this hoop can be old as a fun 2-Radio!

If you carve up a skin as well as someone, do so immediately. Nokia-5230 makes it easier to do for the reason that it plant in Bluetooth, infrared and USB connector is provided. XpressMusic is equipped together with a rechargeable lithium-ion cycle spirit chat moment in time of up to three hours and 30 minutes. double up spot is 250 hours.

Press Release by Nokia:

“The most modern totaling to the file of hint screen Nokia phone, the Nokia 5230 for persons who are physically active, and having their cellular phone applications as the focal instrument, music, photos and videos and divide up their lifestyle. amid the Nokia 5230, customers of new content, equally tracks beginning the Nokia harmony stockpile can not or applications, games, movies and extra banking army Ovi directly from their phones. Offers solutions complemented by GPS and the latest style of maps Ovi aerial photographs, 3D Landmarks, added than 200 cities and attractions of the sports ground maps for pedestrians and car map-reading systems.

"Low assess of 149 euros, we think the Nokia 5230 is an incredibly chance to lots of new customers who can like the amenities so as to the stars of music, varied as well as party group Facebook by means of MySpace, which is to be" on the spot at what time it happens, while the it comes, and is open in singular bright colors, "said Jo Harlow, subordinate President, Nokia.

stop at Ovi, Nokia 5230 is very simple. Ovi storeroom is without difficulty manageable on or after the local hide phone, customers can directly jump the download and adapt their phones together with admired applications and playoffs for cell phones extra fun. New applications, games, videos and other repeatedly and Ovi supermarket can be found in extra than 75 Nokia policy will be enjoyed and has working members in more than 180 countries.

Nokia 5230 has a clear harmony player 33 hours playback occasion use. Markets for the Nokia 5230 comes along with composition army actually provided a competitive consequences by all-you-can-eat music. recommended retail rate of the Nokia 5230 plus examination Comes together with song is 259 euros earlier taxes and subsidies. For a full musical experience, you can use headphones with a 3.5 mm AV connector. In addition, the Nokia 5230 has a media bar nippy admission to your most wanted media and applications such as music, photos, and YouTube Ovi Share.

The bar offers an innovative acquaintance thumbnails to 20 shut up shop acquaintances and comfortable right of entry to them and their saga of communication, as well as e-mails, handset calls, photos or extra updates from get-together media. Nokia 5230 is estimated to open in the fourth accommodate of 2009. ”

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