Mika’s or Rahul Mahajan’s Swayamvadhu will be on plan after Rakhi Sawant’s Swayamvar/Swayam Vadhu

mika's swayamvadhu After success of the Rakhi Sawant’s Swayamvar now It’s Mika’s Swayamvadhu.from news,now preparation for the Mika’s swayamvadhu or Rahul Mahajan’s swayamvadhu.whenever we use Rakhi sawant’s name in any kind of opportunity then with this always we use Mika’s name because kissing controversy between rakhi sawant and mika was world famous.Rahul Mahajan’s Swayamvadhu also will be on plan.now Mika’s Swayamvadhu will be forthcoming show in the NDTV Imagine or Rahul Mahajan’s swayamvadhu will be the forthcoming show.rakhi sawant’s swayamvar is almost completed and Elesh Parujanwala which is businessman in Canada is selected for the fiance of the Rakhi Sawant.

Rahul Mahajan Rahul Mahajan is also selected from the NDTV Imagine for the Rahul Mahajan’s swayamvadhu.Rahul Mahajan is the son of the late Minister of the Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP) Pramod Mahajan.Rahul Mahajan is famous from his father Pramod Mahajan’s murder by his brother Pravin Mahajan.in the murder of the Pramod Mahajan,name of the Rahul Mahajan included and he was included in drug controversy and other controversies like massage of the Payal Rohatagi in Big Boss reality show.rahul mahajan survive at the end of the big boss competition and finished at the 4th place.at this time he is the judge of the Chotte Miyan reality show with the Sachin Wadekar.

rakhi sawant&mika's kiss controversy Mika Singh is famous from the kissing controversy with the Rakhi Sawant.Mika is the pop singer and singer in the bollywood.he gives many historical song to bollywood and indian people like Something Something,ye Ganpat,Mauja hi Mauja,Singh is King and Dil mein baji guitaar.Mika Singh is the younger brother of the Daler Mahendi.Daler Mahendi is very famous in India for his Punjabi song.for the Mika this is not his first reality show but he attempt and participant in the Jhalak Dikhla Jaa reality show.at this time Mika Singh participant in the Iss Jungle se Mujhe Bachao.

Rakhi Sawant’s Swayamvar with Elesh Parujanwala Rakhi-Sawants-marriage

Rakhi Sawant’s kiss controversy with Mika

rakhi sawant kiss


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