Michael Phelps in Car Accident (Three Car Smash) details/eye witness video

image As the thumb rule, all celebrity are always involving in different type of controversy. this time there is turn of Olympic Gold Medal (infect Medals) winner Michael Phelps. according to primary news he met an accident with two other cars in Mount Vernon area of Baltimore at about 9:00 PM on U.S. standard time.

Legendary olympian Michael Phelps, who won 8 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics was in a car disappointment in the Mount Vernon focus of Baltimore at just about 9:00 PM. Apparently alcohol was not involved, Phelps was not injured and the supplementary driver an mysterious female was in use to the sanatorium for protective reasons. In November 2004, Phelps was sentenced to 18 months of tribunal for a DUI, so wooly vigorous is minion new. It isn’t logical whether any inaccuracy in most important was useless by in addition driver, but it now sounds resembling the boom isn’t as authoritative as I paramount unstated it to be.

Cops take its toll TMZ alcohol was NOT a affect in the crash. We're told cops interviewed Phelps subsequently the industrial accident and determined with the purpose of a field self-control examination was not necessary.Police are investigating the activate of the crash.Phelps was vigorous his Cadillac Escalade in the midst of two extra passengers in it, neither which were injured. The driver of the added car was in use to the sickbay by way of slight injures

Phelps was interviewed by watch at the landscape and it was unwavering with the intention of alcohol was not a sanity in the crash. Phelps and his passengers were satisfactory to run off the scene.

Eye Witness statement

Was Michael Phelps involved in a Car Accident?


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