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Lalbaugcha Raja 2009 dancing-ganesha,Ganesh,Ganpati Wallpaper,Vinayaka pics

Ganpati Bappa Moriya

Ganpati Bappa Moriya ne Ghine Ladu Cholya,now a days this sentence is all over in India because God of the God,Lord Ganesha came in shortly in all cities for 10 days from 24 August to 02 September and states of India and most in the Maharashtra.you see the Ganesha’s wall papers,photos and pics in this section.Lord Ganesha has a many different-different name as a Vinayaka, Vighneshwera, Ganpati,etc.worship of all Indian Hindu peoples is always on Siddhi Vinayaka and whenever we start some new work we always pray and pooja for the Lord Ganesha because for good response in our business.Ganesh is a son of God of the God Mahadev, lord Shankar and goddess Parvati  Mata.Lord Ganesha has a Elephant Head, Big Belly and Four Hands.Ganesh carries a rope in his one hands for to carry devotes to the truth.in his one hand carry the Axe for to cut devotees attachment.his third hand has always one sweet laddoo because Lord Ganesha’s favorite food is it and fourth hand is always in extended in blessing peoples.A small tiny mouse is the Vehicle of the Lord Ganesha.this is something new like one god has a Elephant Head and his vehicle is tiny small rat.this is unique combination.

Vighneshwera, Vinayaka, Lalbaugcha Raja 2009’s photos and Video

Lalbaugcha Raja 2009 dugru-sheth-ganpati-pune,GaneshaGanpati, Wallpaper,Vinayaka picsganesha riding on rat,Ganpati bappa morya,Ganesha,Ganpati Wallpaper,Vinayaka pics

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Ganesha Symbolism

Ganesha Symbolism,Ganpati bappa morya,Ganesha,Ganesh Wallpaper,Vinayaka pics

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  1. Amazing Ganpati bappa Wallpaper

    A+ Grade from my side.

    May Lord Ganapathi shower you with success in all your endeavors?Happy Ganesh Chaturthy...


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