label cloud widget for blogger

On 17th August there was a 10th birthday of Blogger service by the google. initially it was handling by some one but after that Google took over blogger. blogger is the great idea for spreading our thoughts world wide. blogger have many pluggins by that we should show our past hard working work display on the main page. but over last few years many blogger around the world have massive complains that blogger should improve it’s pluggins like wordpress, typepad etc. as blogger is very easy and understandable,user friendly services compare to wordpress but really blogger’s pluggins are not so enough that we can convert blogger’s static page in to the dynamic page. every year on blogger’s birthday, they announce some new features and pluggins. this year by the demand of the bloggers from world wide, bloggers introduce many gadgets for blog’s side bar. one of that, now onwards label can be displayed by the cloud tag also. till that label only displayed by the simple list that will attract less to the people. more over webmaster also have options about which label they wanted to display on their blog. this facility also include along with this new feature.

if you have already display labels about your blog then you just go Gadgets and set option you want. if you initial about this then first open bloggers dashboard then go to the Layout>Add Gadget and simply add the label like below snap shot.

blogger label widget now availabel with cloud tag

selecting option for the blog labelby describing above pictures you can easily understand  how can install cloud label tag for your blogger blog. after this installation your blogger will be looks like below.

label cloud blog for blogger

hope blogger authority keep including this type of features in the future also so we have easy method for optimizing our blog other wise third party script always available however they are not good as they are much time consuming because of loading.


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