Hiroki Kuroda injured by hit in his head/hospitalized/video

hiroki kuroda injured (2)Reporting from Los Angeles, Dodgers starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda is injured during his Baseball match by a line drive hit by the Arizona Diamondbacks' Rusty Ryal in the sixth inning at Chase Field and now it is stay in hospital.A shot of the bat of Arizona pinch-hitter Rusty Ryal caught Hiroki Kuroda on the right side of his head and at this stage Hiroki Kuroda’s team Dodgers los angeles lead the Arizona Diamondbacks by 3-0 in sixth innings.the ball struck at just above his right ear and force of this ball was very high and danger because just 25 to 30 feet distance between Rusty Ryal and Hiroki Kuroda.crowd of 42,058 looked on hiroki kuroda and shocked when he stay down in ground and he was lifted on stretcher by dodgers team trainer.He was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center.All eight Dodgers fielders stood at the stretcher with team trainers for lifted the Hiroki  Kuroda, who was placed on a stretcher and loaded onto a cart. He raised both of his arms as the cart rolled off the field.The Arizona Diamondbacks won the game in the 10th inning on a bases-loaded single by Gerardo Parra off Ramon Troncoso.after the game St. Joseph’s hospital’s doctor says CT scan of the Hiroki Kuroda’s head is completed and result is negative means No Fracture and No Bleeding on his head.the doctor says he feels very very well and no danger effect on his head so after some treatment he backs in ground after few days or weeks.A veteran of the Japanese big leagues, Hiroki Kuroda is 34 years old and he joined the Dodgers last year, when he went 9-10 in 31 starts.hitter Rusty Ryal was awarded a ground-rule double.at the end Dodgers lost the match.

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Hiroki Kuroda injured in his head by hit video


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