Football player David Beckham tattoos/hair style/salary/pictures

david-beckham David Robert Joseph Beckham is a English Footballer who currently plays from midfield for American Major League Soccer club, Los Angeles Galaxy and the England national team.he was born on 2nd may 1975 in Leytonstone, London, England.he has 6ft(1.83m) height.David Backham is the twice runner up for the FIFA World Player of the Year and the World’s highest paid footballer in 2004.Beckham was captain of England from 15 November 2000 until the FIFA World Cup finals 2006.david beckham’s all tattoos,hair style,salary and picture are included with this blog.playing position of the David backham is as a Mid fielder.Beckham's contract with Los Angeles Galaxy football club is a highest salary record and became effective on 1 July 2007 and gave him the highest player salary in MLS history.He debuted for the Galaxy team on 21 July in a friendly match versus Chelsea at The Home Depot Center and on 15 August, he had his first start with the Galaxy team and he scored his first goal for Galaxy club in the  Super Liga semi-final in 2007.

David Beckham’s annual income(salary)

David Beckham’s annual income with his latest contract with Los Angeles Galaxy club is US$650 millon.

David Beckham’s tattoos

David Beckham's all tattoos David Beckham has a many tattoos on his body.he is very famous for his tattoos which is design on his body.he design name of his wife “Victoria” in hindi on his right arm.he has three Son Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz and he design name of his three son on his back.David Beckham has very great,beautiful and very classic tattoos and this is Classical art design on his right shoulder.he has a tattoo of Winged cross on the back of his neck.he has tattoo of Portrait of Victoria on left forearm.but he has one father of all tattoos and this is tattoo of the "Guardian Angel" on his back.when he plays football then he wear long sleeved shirts so covers all tattoos and he play football comfortably.

Tattoo of "Guardian Angel" on his back

david beckham's guardian angel tattoo

Tattoo of Winged cross on the back of his neck 

David Backham's winged cross tattoo

Tattoo of Roman numeral VII (7) on his right forearm

david backham's VII tattoo

Tattoo of his wife name "Victoria" (in Hindi) design on his left arm 

david beckham-victoria-tattoo

Tattoo of the Portrait of Victoria on his left forearm

David Backham's tattoo of Portrait of Victoria on left forearm

Tattoo of the Angel with motto "In the Face of Adversity" on his right arm

david backham's tattoo of Angel with motto In the Face of Adversity on right arm

Classical art design on his right shoulder

David backham's tattoo of classical art design

Tattoo of "Forever by your side" on left forearm

David Backham's forever by your side tattoo

Tattoo of the second angel and clouds added to his right arm and shoulder

david beckham's tattoo

Tattoo of his son Cruz,Romeo and Brooklyn’s name on his back 

david beckham's tattoo of his son's name 

David Beckham’s tattoo of  生死有命 富貴在天 (Death and life are fated)

David Beckham's Tattoo in chinese language

Hair style of the David Beckham

  David Beckham is also famous for his hair style and he changed his hair style after some short interval continues.

David Beckham's all hair styleDavid Beckham's new hair styleDavid Beckham's new hair style (2)David Beckham's new hair style


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