check up your website/blog in different screen resolution

if you are the webmasters then many times you are in big confusion then how my website or my blog looks like in different screen resolution like different screen of 800*600, 1024*768, 1152*864, 1280*800, 1400*900, 1600*1200, 1900*1200, iphone screen and will browser. but any solution is available in the internet. now one site comes with this type of service which will help us to checking up our site in different screen resolution mention above. by checking this type of test webmaster can easily get idea about how one’s site look in different eyes and accordingly he/she get idea about optimize site or blog. if i talk about this site then i personally had great difficulty about that. i have 1024*768 (square screen) and one of my friend has LCD screen so after changing anything in my blog i have go friend’s home and look in his computer that how it is look like , but now problem is solve. check up website/blog resolution

method is very simple and absolutely free. It's working by Ajax & PHP. so no need to download anything just go to the and enter your URL, that’s it !!!

Which resolution is best for your site/blog ?

according to experience people and expert, you should use 1024*768 screen resolution because it till one of the most useful screen world wide and most suitable. if your site is compatible  with this resolution then any other resolution  can handle carefully your site. more over you can get idea about Google Analytics product to track your visitors and get info. about which resolution is best for you based of your traffic. 

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  1. Personally, I am a 1024 x 760 kind of guy. I just think it tends to look the best, and it is the most accurate fit for most standard screens. I can't speak for everyone (including my household) becuase everyone has a different preference, but i think 1024 leaves the right amount of desktop space, and still keeps the icons at an appropriate size.


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