Charles Coventry 194* runs youtube video/Zimbabwe vs Bangladesh/equaled break Saeed Anwar’s record

Charles Coventry’s 194* runs

111 Record for break,this is true because today on 16th August 2009 one Zimbabwean Player Charles Coventry breaks Pakistan’s Saeed Anwar’s 12 years old record 194 runs and this record is 194* runs but this record with not out so this is best than Saeed Anwar’s’s legend Sachin Tendulkar is not do this but one Zimbabwe batsman Charles Coventry do this.Charles Coventry made 194* runs against Bangladesh.Saeed Anwar’s record is like not broken for any one player but Charles Coventry do this.Saeed Anwar made 194 against India in Chennai during the Independence Cup in 1997.unforgettable day for the Charles Coventry because this is his 1st century in ODI and he is break the 12 years old Saeed Anwar’s his inning we never says and think he can break the ODI highest runs record but now this is a history.Charles Coventry made 194 runs in just 156 deliveries with 13 fours and 4 sixes.


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