Celine Dion pregnant , good news comes any time !!!

celine dion pragnent photo- pic wallpaper Celine Marie Claudette Dion, a Canadian singer  and his husband named Rene Angelil both are very happy now a days!! but why ? news is something like that any body can happy in that situation. actually Celine Dion is pregnant and will become mother of her second child. she is already mother of 8year baby. Celine will got her second child threw her 67 year old husband Rene Angelil. according to doctors Celine Dion’s health is good enough and good news will come any time. Celine and her husband both are exited about their second child, both talk about it to media every now and then.this couple are under consulted threw doctors team in newyork and obey their every instruction. her husband have three more child from his previous marriage.

celina dion already said in previous interview that she will try to become mother again and good news come yesterday.as we all know she is one the most popular singer from Canada and last year she earned $235 million from her world tour which amount is the maximum she ever earned in last 8 years. in 2003 year she becomes residential of Las Vegas and earned $385 million U.S. by the series of her show. she again planning in same manner, will again stay in las wegas in the year of 2010. Celine never shy with anything and probably that is the secret of her success. she will become mother again at the age of 41 !!!. she said we try from last six years and we’ll have our miracle baby.


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