Blog marked as SPAM and Locked, what is next step ?

recently a blog which you all love name is been marked as spam blog by google bot. I suddenly in great depression that what should I do, as I am new in this field. but I never lost my patience. I search lot of about this bug by google. because I know that My blog is not spam at any manner. it must be some mistake. I will share here my experience what i have face and what you have to do if you will face same.

google blogger dash board marked as spam

Actually yesterday morning there was a message on blogger dashboard that Your blog is caught as spam blog and it should be mistake. if you don’t file review request then your blog will be deleted in 20 days. first I don’t Understand anything but after search a lot of, I came to Understand that for prevention of the spammers on the blog this is the right step from the google and the blogger does so for more storage and increasing bandwidth purpose.

Why this Happen as Usual ?

as you all know, blogger is the free service and any one around the world make a blog in just a minute and express their thought just in a minute, how ever there are many people who misuse this type of free service. now think, there is almost impossible to any company to look after any blog’s information second by second. so google as such a arrangement that it’s bot named google bot suggest which blogger is spam and who is fraud on the web. Google bot is the crawler from google who crawl out websites or blog always. if we have any irrelevant content or any material which is not good for society or web then blog can be marked as spam and lock. if you provide to your readers celebrity gossip news or related something entertainment then some of abuse word is ofcourse in blog . in that type of situation your blog marked as spam by mistake. google give you chance in that condition for review your blog by google employee.

What should you do for review request and when will you Unlocked ?

spam request form in blogger for review request you do not do any thing. you have informed by mail as well as on your dashboard that your blog is marked as spam. you have to fill form given, give your mail address for further communication and word verification. usually blogger or say google employee will look after at your review request in two business day. if there will day of Saturn when your blog is locked then you have to wait long for the Monday. because generally in U.S. there will be holyday on Saturday and Sunday. how ever there are many way for to force to google to look at your review petition. just find the people who face same problem with your time and ask to them for writing the google. ask questions in help forum of blogger help under the login issue. your review request will get torque. usually it will not take more then 48 hours for the unlock of your blog by the google.

will you Write during SPAM Period ?

of course you can write as usual but that will not crawl by google. because when your blog is marked as spam, in webmaster tool there will be disallow for the google bot and all related bot by google is Disallow by the blogger in your root directory. if you are using any type software like windows live writer for blog writing then you will not able to publish from there. for that you must publish your content from the blogger’s editor or post draft from the software and publish later in the blogger’s editor because word verification is required at that time during lock period.


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