Acer Aspire REVO (ION Based Desktop Computer)

Acer introduce World smallest Desktop Computer which name is Acer Aspire REVO. The Acer Aspire REVO  is a suprisingly affordable, space-saving PC that will capably serve everyday computing needs with ease. Featuring the NVIDIA®ION™  graphics solution coupled with the low-power INTEL ATOM 230 processor, it perfectly balances extreme value with functionality. In addition to tackling basic computing needs, it was designed to perform as an ideal infotainment solution for streaming movies, TV shows , music and other online media. Its compact design and HDMI interface make it a perfect fit in the living room, where consumers can connect it to a big screen TV for enjoying digital media or casual games with family and friends . Whether used as an infotainment center or a secondary low-cost PC, the Acer Aspire REVO’s outstanding value is undeniable.  


Acer told Pocket-link that the base package would have a Linux (Ubuntu) version with 1GB of Ram and 8GB solid stake driver for £149.99, equivalent to $220 U.S dollars  . Windows Vista will be packaged with 2GB Ram and 160GB Hard Disk and will go for £249.99, $367 U.S dollars. In india it launch at Rs. 22500/- only

acer-aspire-revo-photo-gallery-2-150x150  acer-aspire-revo-photo-gallery-9-150x150

The Aspire REVO’s appearance is very sleek and attractive to the eye. It has a short-lined pattern on it with a black tone finish. The power adapter appears to be the same size as a regular netbook ac adapter. All in all the Engaged team sees a lot of potential and performance in the Acer Aspire REVO.


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  1. Acer has been offering computers at reasonable rates even if you talk about laptops and there are good reviews also as far as laptop repair factors are concerned but off late they are getting pretty much innovative as well.


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