'Doodle 4 Google' Contest for school children

'Doodle 4 Google' Contestyou might all probably aware the word about google’s new competition “Doodle for Google”. this is very good plateform for children for come out their  talents. we occasionally seen different graphical pictures and logo on different occasion and famous celebrity/people birthday for their remainders. but now Google gives plate form to the children of school in India. in this contest you have to just made one graphic and if yours is better then you will seen it on google’s home page.

this contest is only open for school children of standard 0 to 10. so hurry up !!. you are eligible for this contest if you are in that standards and winner will be announce on Children’s day(14th November) . the theme is my India and your work should capable enough for impress the judge. you should make picture base on Indian culture, improvement in Science and Technology etc. more depends on your common sense.the winner from this contest will get laptop and school get 1 lack grant for Technology development. 


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