Toshiba Satellite M500 drivers download/memory/battery

T6500 in the middle of 4GB DDR2 800MHz memory, 320GB HDD 5400 RPM cargo space and dual-layer DVD-SuperMulti optical drive. Pre-loaded in addition to Windows scene residence Premium (SP1, 64-bit), Satellite M500 facial appearance a lasting run 3D wave sensor which shuts it off in claim of - inexhaustible fall, shock or vibrations. The LCD surround comes in addition to Toshiba Fusion climax based on IMR (In-Mould Rolling) tools advantageous a Sonic Boom AERO design.

Toshiba Satellite M500 wallpaper

Review of Toshiba M500 & U50 series Satellite

You know, at one goal chrome accents and glossy plastics were novel additions to before earnest consumer electronics -- now they place us want to drive a hideaway in the adjacent fatty LCD display. at the same time as HP has tried its most excellent to be the nastiest offender in its consumer line, Toshiba is if truth be told openhanded it a shot by means of the M500 and U500 round laptops -- the U500 is handsome outlandish, but at smallest amount it offers a ribbed, almost-desirable not glossy get out of sorts, even as the M500 (pictured) makes all as well stare tame in comparison, and has the many inform on smudges to expound it.

all together of the laptops concurrence chrome trim, burnt amplifier grills and light-up accents. The textured trackpads are almost certainly a love it or can't bear it thing; in fact, the largest part of these "style" choices power be termed as such, but we're confident you've ascertained by now everywhere we stand. Sure, the so-called collective consumer it seems that eats it up, but the charm is vanished on us. On a gentler note, the M505 we looked at was in a row Windows 7, rather we mega universally see soul demoed on a touchscreen PC or a touch or else Windows 7 specific. clearly it's not shipping in addition to with the intention of OS yet, but the thirst is palpable.


Toshiba Satellite M500 batteryType:Li-ion


Capacity:4400 mAh

Volt:11.1 V

Size:206.90 x 40.80 x 20.50 mm

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