Mo’s Bacon Bars/Review/Video/First look

Now,one big thing is introduced for chocolate lovers.this new chocolate introduced by very famous Vosges and this chocolate is referred as Mo’s Bacon bar.Vosges is the one very famous company who made the different different types of chocolate .this bars Review present in this blog and Video of this chocolate bars also present in this blog.First look of this chocolate bars is very yummy and very interesting.this new chocolate bars introduced in Canada and it is very famous in Canada and all around world.

In this chocolate bars,apple wood smoked bacon,alder wood smoked salt,41% cacao and deep milk chocolate are present.this chocolate prize are fixed and it was 7.25 US$(334 INR).this is very monopolistic chocolate because one big monopoly included with this chocolate is that whenever you Rub your thumb over the chocolate bar so after this release the aromas of smoked apple wood bacon flirting with deep milk chocolate.this chocolate was introduced by Vosges which is very famous in all around world.this chocolate bar is one type of exotic candy bar and for this thing it is very good and interesting item for the chocolate this chocolate bar,Bacon is included so this chocolate bar’s test is amazing and new.this type of chocolate never see or never eat in the more type included in the Mo’s Bacon bars and it is the Organic Enchanted Mushroom Candy Bar. prize of Organic Enchanted Mushroom Candy Bar is 8.5 US$(391 INR).  



First look

mo sbacon bar2.sak

mo s bacon bar.sak 

mo s bacon bar1.sak




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