Michael Jackson Ghost, Real fact !!!

Michael Jackson’s funeral process was over yesterday and he became legend in the music, entertainment and in pop world. Michael Jackson’s life was full of controversy. but this is not just end. after his funeral no any TV camera catch up where his body actually goes ?. now one more news come from honorable news channel CNN (cable news network) that there is a Ghost present in Michael Jackson’s Never Land ranch house. well we are in 21st centaury and no one will believe easily on this , but this is really happened  and  all American people already watch this incident live on their TV sets.

Actually people were gathered in Michael Jackson’s house after his funeral process for the honor of their favorite pop king MJ . some people and CNN camera man was in the Michael’s room but they ware suddenly shocked what was there?. at one moment they did not understand anything. camera was on & telecast was on air live threw America and world wide. many of viewers call to CNN office and ask about fact of this Ghost incident  but not any  authorized answer came from CNN side.

What is that Shadow ?




Ghost Explanation YouTube Video

in above video you can see highlights of full description of what actually it was . some one said that shadow was completely vertical, but that is possible in Science ? will scientist accept this things or this is just blah blah and nothing more…..

If the shadow on the wall or an object from your point of view vertically, then it would be on the basis of its surface reflects ..

Make sure the shade of the parapet of the camera view and to think about. If the angle is 30 degrees that the angle of reflection will also be 30 degrees, but the opposite. That is how it works.

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  1. umm that shadow is a real live person and thats not mjs house...DUH!!!!!

  2. the first picture is kinda spooky. :S


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