World's Latest TOUCH SCREEN Technology

  • This is world's latest multi-touch screen technology. It has been designed and constructed by Microsoft Corporation. It is now under testing not use in general purpose. It can be work under water. In that multi-touch technology,there are not used any external peripheral devices like as Key-board, Mouse and scanner. We operates it by more than one finger at one time very easily. So it is called multi-touch screen technology.

  • This technology is targeted in computer to operate easily. We can play jigsaw puzzle by this technology. Also we paints a picture by finger-touches with different colors and speedily. If you interface this screen with appropriate computer, this screen take places of monitor, key-board, mouse, scanner or other it can work as all input and output functions. We can move and zoom photos to slide with our fingers also we can say that all moments are follows our fingers. Main feature of this technology is that it can scan Credit card. Without connect the camera, we download and upload the pictures and video direct from it on screen.

  • There are all types of communication possible between phone, camera or other electronics equipments and this screen must be connected with computer. Also we can share data and information between two or more phone through this screen without any hardware interfacing.

  • This is very expansive touch-screen technology and it can change look of modern computer.


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