UP’s most wanted Dacoit Ghansyam Kewat gunned down

Uttar Pradesh police praised by own because they get one of the major success in their history. they recently encounter most wanted Dacoit Ghansyam kevat. this dacoit is involve in many case like murder, robbery, smuggling etc. UP and and it’s neighbour state  police have looked for this wanted from many years and finally they success today.UP’s most wanted Dacoit Ghansyam Kewat gunned down4656

UP’s most wanted Dacoit Ghansyam Kewat gunned down3656 

actually dacoit have been hide in one house from last two-three days. police got some secret information from some where else and after it immediately many police from highest range surrounded him from every direction. guns were firing from both side from previous 2-3 days. this morning there were news that Dacoit Ghansyam Kevet runned out from police eye, but Suddenly news come that one bullet injured Dacoit and he was died. UP police officially announced about Dacoit death. now in many village of Utter Pradesh people can live with out fear and wondering every where with complete freedom.  

Three days of continuous shooting, the police shot dead dacoit Ghanshyam Kewat on Thursday afternoon. According to sources, was killed after Ghanshyam tried to escape. Enter a postponement police, Ghanshyam Kevat today bandit managed to escape the third day of the meeting. Terrible dacoit jumped from the roof of the house and fled. But he was detained by the armed forces, and killed, said sources.

At least 400 police man in the field of security, including UP soldiers of the police, the Special Action Group (SOG), Special Task Force (STF) and the Provincial armies Constabulary (CAP) in order to ensure a dacoit Kewat meeting was the third day.


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