Sridevi/Sree Devi on Dus(10) Ka Dum

Sridevi on TV has come from Krait. They show the number of people invited in, which include Karan Johar, but did not agree Mr. Many on the show as a judge he was called, but everyone refused Sridevi.

Sridevi on saree dus ka dumdus 10 ka dum logosalman_khan_dus ka dum 10

Sridevi on the screen even if the baby Chulbuli are a number of role play, but in private life they are very shy, so the distance he maintained from the TV. Salman Khan, but he made it work, which many people could not.

Salman's show 'the ghost of ten' eyes are going to be in Sridevi. Salman's film 'Wanted' producer of Sridevi and Sallu with a few films have. Yes, because two of Sridevi is to say.

So a 'Wanted' and the other will get the publicity that Salman Khan 'no entry' at that time had accepted to work, when Boney Kapoor was in trouble. Clearly a matter of Sridevi, Salman could not avoid.

Sridevi Insiders say that the filmmaker and husband Boney Kapoor has nearly five hours in the series earlier this week, as well as parts of the exhibition will be the film Wanted - emphasis on the extraordinary relationship between Salman and his former co-star.

Horsetail Bollywood back started well and, more recently, has Amitabh Bachchan's "Cheeni Kum" Later, King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan has at Blockbuster in 2007, "Om Shanti Om", but can not be among the crowd, but whether Salman Khan.

Sridevi rarely take us to the reality shows, but if they approached Salman Khan may Sridevi Boney Kapoor and is a passionate fan of Salman. Boney said Sri was invited to coffee with Karan Vir Sanghvi on the show and was invited by the personalities of other talk show hosts. However, has politely declined the offer because she is shy. But when he came to a performance at the Salman, Sri is not convinced. As has been the best relationship with Salman.


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