Side plz.,NANO is coming.,,

Your thinking is absolutely right because form 2-3 years we all are waiting about that is coming.,it is TATA’s dream car NANO. company is officially launch it today in Mumbai by president Ratan per promise of company this car is of 1.00,000 (1 lack) Rupees. in the first year of NANO’s launching TATA is able to produce only 50,000 car. because only car come from Patangnagar Plant.but as Sanand Nagar Plat in Gujarat will start company’s capacity will rich up to 2.5-3 lack unit/year.nano logo 1

How you can book/register Your NANO the Peoples car ??

well TATA is tied up with largest government bank of India named State Bank Of India.


First you have to fill up one form of about 500 Rs. and you have to give 70,000 Rupees to TATA.then for first slot TATA will draw computerize and if you are lucky then NANO will come to your home in few days. if you are unlucky then you will get it after one year.if that so then you will get interest of your money from the company.Tata-Nano12

Facilities and features in NANO (The People's car)

  1. Top speed: 90 Km/hour
  2. Fuel average 20-25 Km/liter.
  3. Tank Capacity: 30 liters
  4. Power: 33 bhp
  5. colors: red, yellow, silver Tata-Nano1224
  6. 4-5 family members sit easily
  7. Engine: 624 cc Petrol
  8. 21% more interior space than Maruti 800 and 8% small than Maruti 800. tata-nano-6 tata nano car interior view inside
  9. this car is obey Euro 4 rule related to pollute.

You get it ??

if from any of you get the NANO (Lakhatakiya car) then share your experience here in the comment so people can know about how real it is.

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  1. nano is very nice and nano is india's car so this is great and this is nice for indian peopole


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