Question on Dinosaur Volume ? ?

Scientists believe that dinosaurs giant creatures in our Hollywood movies are shown as large, perhaps were not as large.U.S. scientists at the University of Colorado, claims that measure the weight of the dinosaurs to make statistics model was not recognized before.

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He said that in this model due to flaws in the technology assessment dinosaur bigger than your original size and was shown.
Gary said Parked University 25 years the dinosaurs and other giant lives to determine the weight of the published statistics of the model used.

He said that when we have actual samples of   we told it serious errors in statistical models and giant dinosaurs as we think it was nearly half the weight.Parked the example of the giant dinosaur species to be regarded as the first weight 38 tones Apatosaurus Lucia was told. But in this model, the Snood probably fell 18 tones to be.

Dinosaur mating rituals (Source:BBC)

The first true discovery of dinosaur egg shell was from 1859 to the south of France, Jean-Jacques Pouech. French were the eggs of the giant birds in the first, because of their size. Full of eggs were found in 1869 by Matheron. He believes they, to a huge crocodile. Paul Gervais in 1877 completed its first study of eggs, and suggested that the dinosaur become. You are now known to dinosaur Sauropoden Hypselosaurus.

The interior is not maintained when Fossilisation (with the exception of a few baby dinosaurs). However, there are indications of the eggs looked. For close to a family of dinosaurs living today, as birds and crocodiles, it can be assumed that the dinosaur eggs in the egg looked like.Housed is viscous or thick fluid, Bad, and the embryos kept moist, preventing dry. This allows the eggs to the earth and is a feature called the amniotic fluid of the animals - all reptiles, birds and mammals. The amniotic fluid can live on earth because of the amniotic membranes, and amphibians are not in this manner and under the water, to determine their eggs.


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