Obama sign law on smoking !!

Barak Obama President of the United States signed a bill through which the government has to impose restrictions on the cigarette companies will be a historic right. Obama the law on smoking Rod So have signed, but this habit he is trying to leave.Obama said a day less than 18 years of age, nearly a thousand young regular smokers are included in the category. Which serious about their health is threatened.

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Obama said that I know because I never included them. If you have the habit of smoking for a long time then I know how to get rid of this addiction is a problem.

The U.S. president said that children today simply do not start smoking. Aggressive tobacco industry by the way, but the target is children. The atmosphere in front of them they are awesome it is advertising.

The Food and drug Administration Act (FDA) to meet the taste of tobacco products and ban on the use of the coaches about the loss and hard to get right to publish a warning will be found. The government is seen as the law in youth smoking will reduce the growing trend.

Smoking is one of the forms of the use of drugs. Smoking is the most popular form of smoking, and is supported by more than one billion people, most human societies. Fewer drugs for smoking cannabis and opium. Most drugs that are smoked as a dependency. Some of these substances are classified as hard drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine, but their use is very limited, as it often is not available to trade.

At the time of the first arrival of European researchers and the victory, the rituals of America to say where the priest smoked, even in this high level of intoxication, it is unlikely that the rituals were a little tobacco.


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