Iphone 3.0 release, updates, software download , features & video overview

Iphone world cool cell phone which contains the 3G system in it. As the most of the official people uses this phone of the official purpose so as the customer of the I phone you know that the Iphone launches the Operating System for the Iphone . And I hope you are looking for the Iphone OS 3.0 . So my fans you are at the right place. Get all the information over here.

Iphone OS 3.0 Release Time

Iphone 3.0 os software, Iphone 3.0 OS features

Iphone one of the great featured cell phone of the Apple and also having Operating System in it. Now you have not await for the Iphone OS 3.0. And same Apple also not want to their customer for waiting this Iphone OS 3.0. So my fans who are waiting for the Iphone OS 3.0 they can download and install it now because Apple open the door for the people who having the Iphone and waited for the Iphone new OS 3.0. For using Apple guide for the iphone OS 3.0 you can install OS 3.0 in your Iphone smoothly. So at least ones go through guide book for the install OS 3.0, so you not get any difficulty. Now the Iphone OS 3.0 software update is also ready for you people on Apple official website so download it form the official site and follow the guide book step by step for the install it. If you not get software information from the net then click here.

Iphone OS 3.0 Features

  • Iphone OS 3.0 gives cut,copy and paste facilities.
  • Also gives the great facilities like computer such as landscape keyboard, voice memos, spotlight search, improved calendar.
  • Download all music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, music videos and audio books directly from the Iphone by using this upgraded 3.0 OS.
  • As the Apple having Safari as the browser in this OS it will run better then first. It having also improvement is the addition of auto fill, which plugs in stored usernames and passwords to make logging in to your favorite Web sites easier than ever.
  • The mobile phone tracker is also in this Iphone OS 3.0 . This features is total new for the Iphone this feature says that if your phone lost any where then it says the location at where it is now. By this you can use Mobileme and log in to the web and get the location of your phone on the map.
  • Also contain the push notification feature which alerts users for updates, new messages while the application such as the mail or ipod is open then also it.
  • You can send MMS by the using this Iphone 3.0 OS.
  • Now the stock exchange also available in this Iphone 3.0 OS.
  • It also contain the 30 languages and 40 keyboard layout in it.

Iphone OS 3.0 Software Updates

As the Iphone OS 3.0 feature you read form above now you want to look there is the how many software for this Iphone OS 3.0 this is also available over here. It OS 3.0 of the Iphone contains many software which is run in this OS 3.0. On the official site of the Apple all the software and how to update it is available so go through step by step and update it.

Watch Iphone OS 3.0 Video Overview

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