Google Adsense revenue & optimization tips

Google Adsense is the for earn revenue online advertising program from Google. it should be install in any websites, Blogger blog, word press blog of custom domain etc. it is the easiest way till date for earning from online. many other alternative revenue program available like adbrite, Chitika, yahoo publisher are famous for web or blog publishers but people most likely to go with Google adsense. any publisher can apply for Adsense program and sign up but basic requirement is that you should owner of website or blog.

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many of students, workers and any one who have basic knowledge of internet and publishing can easily earn and make money online threw this program. although applying process and approving process is 2-3 days long compare to adbrite but once your application verified then you can earn 100% online. you can also track your earning threw any particular WebPages threw Google Analytics in content/adsense option.adsense site are updated half hour to forty five minutes. adsenes codes are completely working on Java Script, after approving of your application you can get adsense code in from adsense and simply put in your page you want by take care of Google Adsense Policy. for more information Google Adsense official blog. from here you can updated with Google adsense new features and latest announcements.

Category Types in Adsense(Products & features)

Adsense for Content: this is the best most used option in this program. here you have wide option like rectangular, vertical,leader board, wide, small, medium or small buttons for ad units units also available in this features.  

Adsense for search:you can also put search box in your page from this program and increase your earnings.

Adsense for Mobile: Publishers who have mobile site can use this features and get low content ads for mobile loading.

Adsense for feed:if you publish your update via feed then this is good for you. ads can be displayed above or below feeds according to your settings.

more options domain is also available which is still new. people are liking also this and optimized it for their page.

Note: You are only allowed 3 Ad Units, 3 link units, 2 search units and 2 referrals per page. adsense is not allowed adult content.  

How You Can Apply ?

  • first You should have one well content website or page, which have atleast 25-30 pages with relevant content.
  • give name in application from which is your site or blog owner name other wise your application never verified. one you approved then you can put adsense code in as many sites as you want.
  • your site should have atleast five six month old before applying. other wise you should be rejected.
  • don’t cheat adsense and Google, Google is power full enough for finding your anti web activity.
  • keep mind concentrated while you fill up your payee name, it should be same as in your bank account other wise your Cheque/check will be rejected by bank. you can not change your payee name after submitting once.  

optimizing tips

You only content your sites with appropriate content. write for reader not for search engine because whatever readers wants to read advertisers are bid on only them and you can get high paying advertize.

beware from doorway page who created for search engine purpose only, they can help only once or twice but after that you will panelize. don’t pollute web.

put ads at heart of your page so people can see it but don’t encourage people to click on ads.

don’t click or your own ads. your adsense account should be suspended. after you will never be approved by same name.respect adsense policy.

many of programs available for increase clicks and optimizing adsense but it can help you up to small time, relevant content on your page is the only way.

create channels for track your click and optimize according form where you get maximum click.

When You will be paid ?

  • Once you rich threshold value of earning (100$) then you are eligible for payments. for example if you earn 100% in up to 27 march then your earning will be verified in 1st week of April then your payment will be finalized from authority up to end of April and your payment will be sent.
  • if you choose EFT(Electronics Fund Transfer) as your paying option then you received it immediately(In India EFT is not available) . if your option is check then you have wait up to 1 to 3 weeks.if you don’t receive after that then you can apply for reissue.


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