Disney Channel New Princess Protection Program Aired On 26th June, 2009

Welcome to Disney world in the cartoon world. Disney Channel is telecasting it's new tv show which get aired on this 26th June. This Princess Protection Program get begins on tonight at 8:00 pm. It's one of the Disney Channel movie " Princess Protection Program " get aired by Disney. This show get hosted by Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato, this first airing is on 26th June at 8:00 pm.

This Princess Protection Program originally Disney Channel movie that premiered on Friday, June 26, 2009.This film director is Allison Liddi Brown, writes is Annie DeYoung,stars Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. You can not believe this this Princess Protection Program was watched by 8.5 million viewers.

Detail Information

Director: Allison Liddi-Brown
Writers: Annie DeYoung, David Morgasen
Original Air Date: June 26, 2009
Rating: TV-G
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Suggested Retail Price: $29.99
DVD Release Date: June 30, 2009
Stars Cast:
  • Demi Lovato as Rosalinda/Rosie
  • Selena Gomez as Carter Mason
  • Nicholas Braun as Ed
  • Molly Hagan as The Director
  • Johnny Ray Rodriguez as General Magnus Kane
  • Jamie Chung as Chelsea
  • Samantha Droke as Brooke
  • Robert Adamson as Donny
  • Kevin G. Schmidt as Bull
  • Dale Dickey as Helen
  • Sully Diaz as Sophia
  • Tom Verica as Joe Mason
  • Jessenia Da Silva Rios as Chloe
  • Angel Vazquez as Dimitri
  • Ricardo Alvarez as Senor Elegante
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Review Of Princess Protection Program

In this program when Princess Rosalinda (Lovato) is at the stage to become queen of her country of Costa Luna, at time evil dictator invaded on Costa Luna. The Princess Protection Program, an organization funded by the royal families in the places that seems to be in danger after PRINCESSE. Rosalinda Mason of the wings (Verica), an agent of the PPP in rural Louisiana is under. There, while she's his daughter, Carter (gomez), a local bait shop to get a tomboy to work is not safe. Her crush, Donny, (Adamson) to dance with Carter's dream school, the school attractive. Rosalinda and soon becomes popular in the school take normal teenager named Rosie,, Carter must learn to handle that is. The ups and downs, and a tight bond with a close friend Rosie Carter, a normal American girl, Rosie Carter and her inner princess to help find the two to be learned to become a form through, though. Finally, a shock that Donny Carter and Ed (Braun), which is his best friend for a long time and that had a crush for a dance with the feeling. Rosie and Ed Carter and cheers in the end, "long live the Queen Rosie Queen Luna Costa is!" Rosie Carter, and smiling and proud with the way goes.

Songs In Princess Protection Program

In film there is two new songs get introduce
  • A song “One And The Same” duet recorded by Gomez and Lovato
  • A song “The Girl Can’t Help It” recorded by Mitchel Musso
  • A Lovato’s song “Two Worlds Collide”
This first both songs are featured on the Disney compilation album which was released on June 9, 2009. And the third one featured on her debut album Don’t Forget.

Princess Protection Program Photos

Princess Protection Program
Princess Protection Program 1Princess Protection Program Original Trailer


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