Fake IPL Player (FIP) is really fake and ffff.,,

In IPL season 2, Kolkata Knight Riders known as KKR is now out of tournament, although this team give good performance in last two match. but question is that KKR is out but FIP is also out ??, is like that k IFP’s knowledge is limited. he cannot give comment on other IPL team. he has not any idea about other team . he write in his blog in that manner that any one can write after see KKR match. so need to surprise after reading his blog. in his last blog he gave video massage but infect he has not enough power to face the people,very weak person. today I challenge him that if  he has guts then open his face and give his identity.

along all IPL matches of KKR ,before match start he gave some abuse comment on player, Shah rukh Khan, team Management, coach, captain  etc. many people said it was  Sanjay Bangar but infect he is fff.,, man, not Sanjay Bangar because Sanjay has good personality he never tell any abuse word from his mouth.

now question is that will this FIP who is really fake will come again in IPL3 2010 or will go some where else..

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